Do you believe education is a right?

Parents from the South Kivu region of DR Congo do. However when they decide to build a school, it is not straightforward. Their villages are 3,000 metres up on a mountain plateau and there is no road.

The community must carry the materials needed to build the school up the mountain on their heads. Return trips carrying sand, cement and other building materials take hours. Many trips are needed.

The fact that local people are willing to do it shows just how much faith they place in education – and its potential to break the poverty cycle.

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Children in Crisis brings education to forgotten children.

 We are specialists in supporting communities that are affected by conflicts, remote, difficult to get to and difficult to work in. Put simply, we help children in places other charities just don’t go.

Building futures through education

56 million children around the world are being denied their right to an education. However we believe we can make a difference. We have already reached 57 thousand children and helped communities build 18 new schools only in the South Kivu region. 

Money alone won’t cut it.  Helping people is seldom about hand-outs. It takes time and hard work and real commitment on all sides to create the change.

It takes partnership.

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Would like to work together with poor remote communities to help them educate their children?

It will require a commitment of at least £1 a day. Over a year this adds up. £365 can make a huge difference to a child in Africa.  You will create meaningful change. Change you can be proud of.

Involving you in the work

We work in close partnership with the community. We want to bring you into that partnership.

As a donor partner you will be able to talk in person with someone from the partner community about exactly how your donation helped children in their region.

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We will, of course, also provide regular reports and briefings and full access to all our financial facts and figures. And feel free to pop into our London offices for a chat whenever you wish.

We want to be totally transparent.  We want to help you understand all the issues involved. We want a true partnership.

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    Our promise to you

  • We will treat you as a true partner and an individual, not just as a source of funds.

  • We will tell it all.  We promise to inform you honestly about  the failures as well as the successes.

  • We will not hassle you with phone calls or mail you do not want.

  • Your personal details will remain completely confidential and never be swapped or sold to other parties.

  • If you wish, you may see exactly what we pay our senior staff. We will not miss-spend your gift.

Become a Partner of Children in Crisis

We need your continued support to be able to provide the best care and opportunities for children around the world, and give them the best start in life.

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